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  • This is again a website for the English users of Salajeet by Himalaya Karakorum Products . This is an advance version website for the customers of Salajeet product. In this website you can see the places where Salajeet is found. In this website you can see that there are all benefits of Salajeet in English with detail. Salajeet gives cure from disease like sugar, bones weakness or bones pain, mental issue, sexual problem, any kind of physical issue and etc.

    Apart from salajeet they are offering organic products from Gilgit Baltistan which give natural cure from all your physical, mental or any other problems. There are different columns of this website regarding to help their customers

  • Product: You can see the different forms of products made by salajeet. The usage will be according to the form of product. They have liquid form, raw form, solid form and semi solid form of salajeet. They have given detail information about the forms of product in the website.

  • Why us: Than they have provide a different column just to tell their customers why they should choose them. They have given more than 10 points or reasons for choosing them which is a good thing to attract your customers towards you. And it means that they really care about their customer value and satisfaction.

  • Blog: In their blog you can see many different topics just related to salajeet and its uses. You are just one click away from getting a detail information about any query related to salajeet. And the good thing is that they are still updating new information for their customers and to help them to understand everything about salajeet.

  • Contact us: They have provide lots of way by which their customers can contact them. They have WhatsApp number, contact number, LinkedIn id, Facebook page, twitter page and more than 5 websites and all of these are mention in their this website. They have also some link of YouTube videos related to salajeet and its uses.

If we look at the bottom of the website we can see that they have some points like precautions, guarantee, terms and conditions and blogs. These are some point which help consumers to have a clear point about the product they are going to order.

They deliver their product all over the Pakistan within two days of order. They have on spot payment option for Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Gilgit, khaplu and Skardu. They also give some benefits to their customers by offering them different ways to do payment. They provide facilities like western union, money gram, Xpress money, online money transfer from ATM and etc.

They are promising you through their website that their customers will never be disappoint from their product and as well as from their service. And they also guarantee that if the customer is not satisfy they will return their money. All over they just want to satisfy their customer and they care about the problems their customers are going through. That’s why they went to mountains to bring natural substance like Salajeet. And transform into products which will give ease to their customers which is their basic aim and objective. | Skardu Khaplu Siachen Hunza Shigar Gilgit Baltistan Karachi Lahore Islamabad Rawalpindi | | Cell +923040055494 +923358357775