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This is a Urdu Salajeet website for those customers who needed to buy Shilajit within Pakistan for their use on their doorstep. This is a most trusted place where you can easily order it and they will place your order at your home within two days of your order and the best part is that their home delivery is absolutely free. They brought salajeet from Himalaya Karakorum which is situated in Gilgit Baltistan. First of all we should know that what salajeet is. It is a stone type of material which contains about 85 minerals. This stone gives naturally cure from all the disease. It cures every problem whether it is physical, mental, sexual or any other. It is prefer by many people because it does not have any dis advantage.  Salajeet is found in many places like Nepal, India, China and Russia sometimes with different names but the salajeet from Gilgit Baltistan is famous all over the world because of its uniqueness and it is the purest form of salajeet.  So to get the best salajeet you have to contact to the best people. This website promise you to bring the real salajeet from Gilgit and they guarantee you that you will not be disappointed from them. Their team members risk their life’s to bring you this specific salajeet from the top of the mountain of Karakorum.

The features of this website:

  • Homepage: If you look at the home page of this website you can see that there are small boxes types of columns which tell you the different uses of salajeet. By only seeing homepage you can get the basic all over information about salajeet and its uses. It’s written in simple Urdu which everyone can understand. There is also some slides going with pictures of salajeet which help the new customers to make a clear picture of the substance.

  • Blog:  Than when you go to their blog page you can see the detail information they have provided regarding to salajeet. In the blog they have mention that who can use this substance and in what quantity they can consume it.

  • About: Then when we move towards about page we can have an overlook about what they provide and how they provide their product. In about they tell that they use salajeet of the purest and bestest form. They give you guarantee that you will be never disappointed from their product because they care about their customers health and they know their value. They also mention that if you don’t get the proper result you can give it back at any time

  • Contact: They always wanted to be close to their customers that’s why they have many ways from which you can contact them easily and place your order. They have given their number, WhatsApp number, Facebook id, skype id, website and email. In contact they have tell the whole procedure to help their customers for placing the order.

They have given also given extra assistance to their customers that they can pay the amount from different ways. It depends on customer that how they want to pay and what will be convenient for them. They have services of easy paisa, u paisa, mobi cash, western union, ubl Omni, and master card.

They provide Salajeet in best quality and in best packaging. They deliver you the product in 2 days after ordering. They also have money back guarantee if a customer face any issue with the product. All over they give every possible benefit to their customers and they just want to satisfy their customer need. | Skardu Khaplu Siachen Hunza Shigar Gilgit Baltistan Karachi Lahore Islamabad Rawalpindi | | Cell +923040055494 +923358357775